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A New Welcome Center

The Newcomers Access Center was founded to better service refugees and expanded to include immigrant families in Inland Empire community.   Newcomers Access Center  will centralize volunteer efforts and administrative tasks.

 The Newcomers Access Center (NAC) is located at 401 No. Gibbs Street, Pomona, CA 91767.   The Newcomers Access Center Articles of Incorporation are registered with the state of California as a nonprofit organization which allows contributions to be received from donors.

Founders and Planning Committee

John Ammon
Adnan Aswad
Deena Benjamin
Sandra Hester
Joy Hofer
Maha Jaloudi
Zayn Kassam
Judy Kohnen
Jed Leano
Katrina Mason
Sara Simon
Stephan Simon
Suzanne Smith
Peggy Spear
Manar Taksh
Mufid Taksh
Amal Tarifi
Anne Thorward
Thomas Thorward